From Store Owners

"I want to thank you for creating such a unique and fast search application for our Yahoo Store. Our customers love the speed and ease of use of the product search and the ability to add items directly to the cart from the search. It has also proven to be a very useful conversion tool for our website. When customers can find what they want fast they are more likely to make a purchase. In fact, our statistics have proven that our conversion rates have increased by about 5% as a direct result of using the Shoptivate search engine on our store. Our customers have also mentioned how accurate the search results are. Thanks again for creating such a great product."
   - Scott Thomas, AirGunDepot

"We reviewed a number of advanced search solutions for our e-commerce site, and Shoptivate was the most useful and polished solution we found. We have found a number of uses for Shoptivate that go beyond customer keyword search: We use it to efficiently present promotional product sets and filter by price range, and many of our customers use Shoptivate to quickly re-order long lists of merchandise. Equally important is the quality of the company behind Shoptivate: They are always extremely responsive to our needs and feedback, and continually build improvements into the product. Anybody who has worked with web developers for as many years as I have knows how valuable it is to have such a company as a partner."
   - Jack T, AJT Trading Company

"I can say, conservatively, that implementing the Shoptivate search platform saved us over fifteen thousand dollars in employee time in our first year alone, while simultaneously generating higher revenues by providing our customers with a better shopping experience. Integrating the Shoptivate platform into our site was the single best move we made over the last year. It has given us a huge leg up on our competitors and made us stand out with our customers."
   - McKane Davis, President Scrapbook.com

Comments from End Users

"The difference in your new search tool is night and day compared to your old one!"

"I used to hate using your website because I could never find anything. It was nearly impossible to search through your catalog of over 20,000 products. Your new search is AMAZING! I can't believe how quick the results appear and how easy it is to narrow down the results to exactly what I am looking for. THANK YOU!"

"Very cool! Just what I need...an easier way to find things to buy! Thanks."

"It started finding my entry even BEFORE I finished typing it!"

"well done! I can see how this is going to save a lot of time - I'll have more time to look for things! LOL"

"I too found many things I would not have thought to search for. Thanks!"

"Very intuitive. I like how thorough the results are. Much more convenient than searching the old way"

"What a simplified way to shop."

"Wow. I was skeptical at first, but it was really fast and results were relevant!! My husband says thanks in advance for helping me spend money on supplies quicker."

"Way too cool, it reads your mind. Makes it so fast."